About Us

"Being a first-time mom in Singapore by myself"

Indulgent Bird Nest was founded when I, as a first-time mother, had excessive nausea and vomiting. Nothing I ate seemed to stay, and I threw up every single day. My doctor told me that every woman experiences different symptoms when it comes to pregnancy.And I was told to try consuming different things in smaller portions so that the baby gets the nutrients it needs to grow.

I was worried sick because, during my first trimester, I barely ate, so my baby was way underweight, and her body and head aren't growing to their supposed sizes. I tried eating staple foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein, but nothing helped, and I've never thrown up so much in my life.I even doubted whether I could continue carrying this child. I've seen several doctors about it and have been prescribed anti-nausea medications.Even though the medication didn't work, I was still feeling the same.

Then I happened to come across this special food, "Bird Nest" I was told that it contains great nutrients and is safe for pregnant women to consume. In fact, it is recommended for pregnant women to have it during pregnancy. Birdnest is not a common food for my family, as we skimp and save to make ends meet for my family. A few grams of it would have cost a bomb, but I had to try it anyways.

At first taste, it tasted blend, but guess what? I didn't throw that up. It is smooth and gentle for my stomach, and on the second and third spoonfuls, I was already feeling so much better from all the vomiting. Feeding on bird's nest appears to be an impossible task for a stay-at-home mom.

This is when it occurs to me that something needs to be done to make Bird's Nest an affordable yet convenient food option for other mothers in the same situation as me.

This is the birth of Indulgent Birdnest.

I hope to make fresh bird's nest affordable and available to all.