How much Birdnest should one consume?

How much Birdnest should one consume?

Who is suitable to consume edible bird nest?

  • All age groups of males and females.
  • Young children
  • Students under exam stress
  • Working Professionals in stressful environments
  • Pregnant women
  • People recovering from illness or operations.
  • Women who want good skin complexion
  • Elderly parents



When should Bird Nest be consumed?

A general guide is that it is recommended that Bird’s Nest be consumed on an empty stomach and before sleeping at night to reap the maximum benefits it has to offer. Alternatively, it can also be consumed on an empty stomach early in the morning.


How often should Bird Nest be consumed?

The recommended frequency is about 3 times a week as a supplement for regular adults, children and elderly people. For pregnant women and people recovering from surgery, it is recommended to consume it on a daily basis.


How much should be consumed in each serving?

As a general guide, the quantity of dried bird’s nest to be consumed should range between 3g for children to 5g for adults. Consuming in excess of this quantity would not yield extra benefits as the body would simply discharge the nutrients.

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What are the benefits of Bird nest?